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Alright, the thread is now devolving into the distinctly icky and is becoming less and less about the BG3 game.

I give fair warning that it is teetering on the edge of locking. A reminder that these forums are about Larian's BG3 game. They are not some kind of kink or fetish discussion board.

Ok, we'll do without the ability to change the companions' underwear. Let's refrain from drow fetish and kink in this thread

Let's discuss her personal quests. What should they be?

Get her to ditch her god, maybe.

Good option: Eilistraee for the arch of redemption ideal
(I will not post pictures of drow Eilistraee here so that the moderators do not close the topic, but you can use Google)
A way to show the good side of Minthara and a guaranteed happy ending.
I think it would be very nice, Eilistraee is able to protect Minthara and help her be happy better than the Absolute.

Neutral option (can be either evil or good) - our own way. For example, Loviavar or some neutral God. Or she can change class from cleric to warrior. I think the developers will do better than us

Evil option to stay with the Absolute (we don't know what it is). Maybe she's not that bad and might offer us an interesting law-evil walkthrough?

Super evil option - Lolth, who will demand to kill her for betrayal. Or she can demand to kill MC in a terrifyingly dramatic scene where Minthara commits suicide to disobey orders, and not turn into a drider (if MC romance her)
After that, I think many Lolth drow lovers would have understood better the Lolth specificity and made the right conclusions. The best way to show what a monster she is.