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I hope, you realise that Loviatar is a lawful evil goddess. So that would make Minthara change one evil goddess for another - not much of an redemption arc there.

Of course! But if she will be free of the tadpole, she will need a new God as a cleric. Unless the developers decide to change she class after that
Eilistraee was an example of the arc of redemption, Loviavar - if the player is comfortable with the lawful evil playstyle.
I remembered about her because her priest is in the goblin camp, it can be any evil or neutral God
It's hard to say when we don't know the developers' plans

It's Loviatar, not Loviatar (now I feel like Hermione - Leviosa)
Oh, I love Harry Potter too

Then you know the scene 'It' s Leviooosa, not Leviosaaaa'. Since Loviatar/Loviava sounds similar, I had a bit of a laugh, when I wrote this (was ist seeing that priest saying 'it's Loviatar, not Loviavar).

Sorry for the off topic. Please continue with the topic, I just had a bit of fun.

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