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Its just when I have a fight I lose, then it was doomed from the start via bad positioning.
I dont believe that ... unless you die in first round.
There is many possible decision otherwise, some more tactical, some less ... if you decide to sleep one enemy, hold person other enemy, and focus on third enemy ... that round will have entirely different outcome, than when you simply attack them all with simple attack.

These abilitys have high chance to either be resisted or miss or whatever it was.
I do not view them as part of the game because of that. I like control in combat and not relying on luck.
Does not feel good for me when it all just so happens to work out.

But yeah the Gith patroul is famous for downing a character of your's almost always in the first round.
Especially the named NPC with this two strikes in one round. It is a little tiring to have to face that if you wanna see the cutscene.

Priest-buff for more health, well-buff from Ethels house can help to endure first round.
But positioning is all in the end.