Well I have sadism and not much empathy and in BG 3 the first one place that I really started laughing aloud and found it very funny indeed was this:
Goblins had captured a Gnome in a Goblin village before the area with fortress of Goblin Leaders. This was one of rare situations I choose diplomacy and tried to save Gnome. I convinced the Goblins to leave. Well then I went to the Gnome, but Goblins had left him in kind of booby trap position and when trying to save the Gnome I triggered the trap. The Gnome died in a way that I found super funny indeed. Did I take load. No and I continued on my way with a smile.
I am not in real life serial killer and lack totally empathy, but in addition I and very emphatic people do not always get along well we do not understand each other always. Generally I do not want to see people hurt in real life, but in movies and games or TV series well...

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