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The Gloves of Power cast Bane on the target but also on the wearers if they don't have the Absolute's mark.
It's not a bug, but the tooltip could be a bit more clear.

I see! Thanks for clearing that up

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I want to say "thanks" and "hear hear !". I too am one of those people who wrote a big feedback list at some point. I'm always happy when I see another one coming. I tend to think this is very valuable and probably easier to exploit by Larian Studios. Single-topic threads are probably good in some way as well, but I'm not sure how much is read in them apart from the original post and the recording of the number of replies (the biggest issues generally yield the bigger threads).

It's also interesting to see how the lists of issues raised in these feedback reports overlap that much.

I considered rebounding on some specific points you made, but I know that would start as "just one thing" and before I noticed half an hour would have passed. In a very good first approximation, I agree with and plusone all the points you listed. If you haven't done so already, perhaps consider also sending this to Larian through their in-launcher feedback form.

Ok, quick thing, if you go on playing a bit more : there is a small toggle below the standard actions and the weapon-set toggle, which activates or de-activates dual-wielding. When de-activated, it does what you are looking for.
(Ok, second thing : I thought the same as you about Sneak Attack. But there are cases, for a dual wielder, where you might want to save Sneak Attack for a potential use on an off-hand attack, and not have it trigger automatically on the main-hand attack. Still, the way it's currently done is bad.)

Ah, I didn't notice the in-launcher feedback. I will post it via it, the next time I play BG3.

I have still some content left (mostly underdark). When it comes to dual wielding are you refering to the buttons on the left with sword and target icons?
[Linked Image from i.imgur.com]

I was playing around with that, but I thought it just switches between two weapon sets (which in the case of my rogue are two short swords and a shortbow). I will give it another go next time I play.