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Spell sorting – hotbar is not any good here. It wasn’t any good in Divinity2, but here it’s on another level. Skills are main action or bonus action, some are cantrips, some consume different resources. Pillars of Eterniry has exemplary UI, allowing for quick access to all spells, and automaticall sorting them into - per-encounter, per-rest categorries.
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I think BG3 could benefit from something similar - seperating main and bonus action abilities, creating "folders" based on resource they consume. I think the upper half of the hotbar could be easly used for such purpose, leaving bottom one as "quickslots" for favourate items and spells.
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Worst idea ever. :-/

Right now my Cleric have 10 different Level 2 spells ... i presume it would be much more in max level. :-/
Just imagining i would need to search between all of them every time i wish to use any of them ... makes me sick. :-/
Even curent system seem better, and i hate it with burning passion.

I honestly dont quite understand why so many people is against casting from spellbook, when you open it ...
Honestly i dont know what for this option to open spellbook just for single character is even there ... since the only thing you can do is: left-click implemented for memorizing, and de-memorizing spells ... and drag spells to your hotbar, wich you can easily both do with spellbook opened whole party. O_o
Simple change bind for memorizing to right-click, and add possibility to cast with left-click and voila!
You get spells UI, sorted by levels, all at once, and bindable to any button you find comfortable. O_o

But every spell level section should be also somehow sorted tho ... i would recomend at least alplabetical order as default ...
That should be ofc. done no matter what, since it really tedious to search there for anything. -_-

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I liked original spellcasting system more ... frown

Anyway ... i cast Eldritch Blast!