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Your cleric always knows every spell they can possibly cast, but they'll only have a limited selection prepared each day - that number will increase as you level; at level 20 it will be ~36 spells prepared, including domain spells. At level 10 it will be ~24 spells prepared including domain spells.
I have been wondering about that. I am not familiar with DnD5, and it’s system is quite different then those of old.

So far when making decisions, I have thinking in those categories:

1) is it main/bonus action?
2) which resources does it consume? Cantrip, Per-short rest, per-long rest, lvl.1/lvl.2 spells, consumable.

Dividing skills through those categories make the most sense to me. I didn’t know that we can upscale spells all the way from lvl.1 to 9. That would get messy very quickly.

Transferring old UI system to BG3 might not be the best idea, but I will take anything that doesn’t force me to rearrange entire hot bar with every level up or change in my prepared spells.