I’m an old school D&D player, maybe not as old as 1976, but mid 90s.

Honestly if we actually want D&D to make a meaningful impact on the video game stage it needs to evolve, but I have a feeling it still won’t, because Elitists and Purists hold it back from evolving or adapting to the format.

Want more games? The they need to offer more success/money to the companies that make them. Want them to be more successful, then they need to appeal to a wider audience. We should have some purity to D&D itself so that it doesn’t get watered down, and less enjoyable, but refusing to change anything, means it will stay in obscurity, like it has for its entire life. Yeah it gets a little boost in popularity here and there, but it always does back down, and peeps just seem to be unwilling to look at reality.