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I want to say "thanks" and "hear hear !". I too am one of those people who wrote a big feedback list at some point. I'm always happy when I see another one coming. I tend to think this is very valuable and probably easier to exploit by Larian Studios. Single-topic threads are probably good in some way as well, but I'm not sure how much is read in them apart from the original post and the recording of the number of replies (the biggest issues generally yield the bigger threads).

Not to shit on this thread or other similar ones, but I have the exact opposite feeling about this topic.
No matter how good and detailed the feedback can be or how much I can agree with the points listed, I'm definitely not a fan of all these "personal" threads that act as pulpits for the author piling up all sorts of different topics in a single wall of text.

It's my personal opinion that most feedback that aims to be easy to track should ideally be parted in separated threads, each one focused on a single specific topic. Ideally adding to pre-existing discussions on the same topic when possible, instead of replicating the whole conversation.

And just to stress that I walk the walk before talking the talk, I'll point that since I've been on this forum I started barely a handful of thread and every single time I made it reluctantly, only because I was not able to track other discussions focusing on the same angle.

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Do people complain about Solasta's UI? Why? I think it looks smooth and swish... it's clearly your user interface - it doesn't need to look like some piece of fantasy world setting. I found it to be unobtrusive and inoffensive... functionally, the UI itself never drew my attention, and that's exactly what a good UI SHOULD do.

I for one don't like it one bit, nor I ever liked other previous Amplitude UIs (and Amplitude is the studio where the Solasta people come from).
It's too minimalist to the point of feeling barren and out of place. It feels like playing a game using a dev toolset rather than a proper UI.

That said, Solasta at least does it better than the previous Amplitude titles. Endless Legends for instance is spectacularly ugly in this sense, lacking both in style/charm and in functionality.

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