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Get a grip people - they allow for different mechanics to cover a wider audience. The food I think is great but you can self police - I only use it outside combat & I rest less.
It brings something different and enjoyable to the game - I do support though the ability to eat during combat being disabled.
The latest patch has made jumping so much better & as for it don’t feel like D&D that’s just plain wrong - in my opinion.

No bruh, no. Incorporating "different mechanics" in a system which has a mechanic for about everything, and a loyal following of fanatical fans, to make those who have no F-ing clue what D&D is feel included or placated..is how you make a watered down, unrecognizable turd that your CORE audience denounces. BG, Icewind, NWN..all commercially successful titles and they didn't pepper in BS mechanics that don exist in the ruleset to make it palatable for D&D ignoramuses. So I respectfully disagree with your logic. That logic is what keeps EA turning out slightly rearranged turds every year and people keep buying them.

I have about 15 hours play time logged...and didn't even realize food heals. Know why? Because as a former D&Der, it never freaking crossed my mind. Figured it was included for realism and RPG value. How stupid to be able to stuff your face with cheap food during a fight to stay alive. Smh.

The jumping abuse I also hadn't noticed yet. Thought it clever for making the world more 3D.

Been waiting 20 years for another BG...please don't screw it up Devs...I'm begging ya.