In another thread, RealMoisan brought up some great points:

"-Opponents getting criticals on low rolls.
-Spell durations based off real time, and not actual turns of combat.
-Many creatures (including pets) have absurd stats, abilities, attacks, and status effects.
-Advantage on attacks with high ground (not a thing in D&D, and "high ground" can be 6").
-Cantrips applying status effects (often even on misses too), and not even getting a save for those status effects.
-Not hidden, but 3 to 4 proficiency checks after 1 to 2 sentences of conversation. That's insane.
-The change in spell stats is BS too. Not even talking about status effects, which sucks (in D&D barrels aren't meant to be feared), but many other spells too."

We were talking about gnolls in that threads but it's also true for many other enemy types; they are massively altered and it DOES feel like Larian are trying to make BG3 way too much of a DOS game due to the changes.