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I am not sure it is rushing BG3 but it does feel like shortcuts are taken, to make it easier/for budget reasons. The focus so far from what I noticed is pretty much on the Origin characters and their personal story, rather than adapting the 5e ruleset properly/better, or to build an engine from scratch.

Having played DOS2 after playing BG3 as well, I did notice that for all the clunky mechanics and things DOS2 had.. somehow BG3 made them feel even clunkier. Right now, rather than BG3 being Early Access it almost feels more like a big Tech Demo to me.

Yup. All this time they spent a ton on cinematics and fleshing out the origin characters with motion capture and voice actors. It’s pretty obvious where the money went. That left little for the actual game mechanics so they just tossed in the DOS system.

I suppose the DOS crowd like this. The flashy environmental effects and bright colors. They like the big explosions and powerful characters who can’t miss. It’s like Michael Bay is the lead director for BG3. Can’t wait for the cinematic camera spin of the origin characters.