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Maybe thats obvious to many, but I recently started playing DOS:2 again and the reason why BG3 is such a ruleset mess right now became evident to me, they are building BG3 100% on top of DOS:2, because of that we have now this true Frankenstein of a system that dosent make any sense and is not fun at all, it looks more like a DOS:2 mod than a brand new game.

Take Solasta for example, they are building the game from scratch with a fraction of Larian resources and it already feels like im playing 5e with my friends, just because they had nothing to building on top and are "forced" to be true to the ruleset.

I love Larians work, love the DOS series, but when I see all these lame excuses about changing the 5E ruleset to be "more fun" all I truly read is "we are rushing this game using DOS:2 engine and we dont have time to make it a true DnD experience".

I would love to be proven incorrect about this, but the striking similarities and the large non-DnD playerbase that says things like "misses are boring", "game is too hard", "failing skill checks in dialogue is bad" are making me very pessimistic about this, only time will tell.

I agree with you on every point there, including that I *LOVE* Larian but... I just really wish they'd drop the DOS obsession and focus on DND.