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At least they are not the ungodly horrors from DoS2, omg the depiction of elves in that game.

That depiction of elves actually gave me hope when I heard that Larian was doing BG3. Because while I didn't like their version of elves at all, it was steadily and consistently maintained, and above all they did not look or feel human. Something in Larian's world building has failed between then and now.
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I kind of liked the take DOS2 had on elves. It was something very different, something unique. Something definatly not done before as far as I know and clearly not Tolkien-ish elves. It worked in the custom setting they created. Rule of Cool is a thing to play with in your own custom setting because it is your own custom setting.

But elves (or Tel'Quessir if you will) in Forgotten Realms are already established and regardless of what sort of elves someone might prefer... their lore as well as image and appearance. To just make them look human with pointy ears is kind of doing a discredit to elves as they are established. Rule of Cool does not really work with this, as it can just clash with lore and immersion.

Oh don't get me wrong I actually love what they did with the Elven lore, in DoS. However, the male faces look like emaciated Goblins, and the stomachs creep me out. I get that it was suppose to look like bark, but it kind of makes my skin crawl. The eating for memories is actually pretty kewl, and there is a real world belief that you gain someone's essence, from eating them. Then there is IZombie which was awesome, where zombies could see your memories from eating your brains. However, someone calling your race cannibals is something someone who hated them would say. I still stand behind someone in the upper echelon hating them, lol. Its hard for you to feel sexy when your stomach is covered in giant stretch mark scars. I had to let go of "my elves", and learn to appreciate them as a different universe's elves.

"These aren't the Elves you're looking for."

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