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Games like BG1/2 and NWN 1/2 had adaptation and changes. So does Solasta. But... they still played like DnD videogames. BG3... does not really. And it is sold as one. When A game is sold to me as a 5e experience game, then it is what I expect and if I go for this game it is because it is what I want. If it ends up being something completely different... well. Yeah. Then games that DO fulfull that allign more with what I personally want.

I agree both DOS and 5e systems have their flaws, changes and adaptations are a good thing and can make a videogame experience better. They are kind of mixed together in a bad way though, and with how different the systems are it is like trying to mix water and oil. Hence why I mentioned sticking to one or the other as a base. And then work from there with houserules/adaptations/homebrew stuff.

Exactly, that's how I feel too! Larian promised this would be "as close to dnd 5th edition as it could get", and I was soooo hoping for *JUST THAT*, and so far I am not pleased with that. I will certainly play the game no matter what and probably love it, but... I really, really wanted a DnD experience.