I tried out both games recently and personally likes Solasta's combat much more (not because its closer to dnd i just feel its more fun to me). Like it when enemies try to prone one of my characters down by matching their Athletic skill against my char's, like that the combat log is very informative and also the UI pop-ups gives me a pretty good understanding immediately what just happened upon a hit/attack, like you dont know all enemy stats without apropriate skillchecks, also i like the reaction system more and that you need to use disengage, action economy overall seems more tactical. Shoving is rewarding when im using it because its not used every turn. Movement also feels more natural if i wanna go to somewhere i click and character automatically crawls/climbs/jumps there. There are stones-obstacles to push with strengthy characters to reveal shortcuts which also makes melee chars more useful. It feels the game somehow needs more involvement from player side than BG3 atm. There is a couple of things I like in BG3 more (for example i feel the flow of combat seems to be better and i like the shared initiative idea), also the story and its graphics are out-of-question more superior. But it definitely needs improvement on combat rules to make it fun to more people and avoid it being repetitive on long term.
I think Larian also tries to make BG3 more accessable to everyone therefore they are experimenting with homebrew rules to make it more digestable. On that note, as per their latest update, Solasta chose the path to make their game more accessable to have a lot of toggles so you can actually tailor the rules and make it either to an authentic dnd5e experience or just a more simpler version, which i think is a good approach. I hope Larian will do something similar.

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