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Halsin is the elf I was looking for! claphands

Yep! All of us sometimes dreamed about big and strong elf, and not a typical "scientist" elf type.
What nonsense is this? You are a minority that wished for an Elf like Halsin grin. I did not even notice that Halsin was an Elf when I did meet him. The only thing that makes sense he is an Elf that the leaders of this faction are Elves:

Halsin is perhaps in his bulking form like a Werebear.

I am even so fan of traditional Elf look that when I created my Wood Elf I changed the skin from green to white smile.
Here a picture of my Wood Elf when he becomes level 4:
[Linked Image from i.postimg.cc]
Well though my favorite Cleric domain has not yet been introduced the Light Domain is ok for me for now currently if Cleric.

Here is the look of my dream partner she is actually Half-Elf, but certainly she looks more Elven then say Halsin.
[Linked Image from i.postimg.cc]
[Linked Image from i.postimg.cc]

What me racist on green skin? No it is not that I find Lae Zel so attactive I could spend a night with her in real life. Githyanki though are not Elves and my ultimate dream partner in looks is not Lae Zel. Can I find Drow dark skinned and white haired attractive so I could spend a night with a drow woman? Yes!

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