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Halsin is the elf I was looking for! claphands

Yep! All of us sometimes dreamed about big and strong elf, and not a typical "scientist" elf type.
What nonsense is this? You are a minority that wished for an Elf like Halsin grin. I did not even notice that Halsin was an Elf when I did meet him. The only thing that makes sense he is an Elf that the leaders of this faction are

Yes, Halsin looks specific for elf. But you know what? This is what makes him interesting and attractive. If he wasn't an elf and was, for example, a human, he would look "ordinary".

Personally, I'm tired of all those typical elves in fantasy games. Usually they are scientists, mage, all so thin and refined... I'm very glad that Astarion is a bastard and asshole, and Halsin is a big and reliable guy, and they are both elves. Not in every game you will have such experience with elves. I understand that someone wants to create a "typical" elf for themselves. I respect their choice. You just need more types of faces and maybe a few different body type. But I don't want change original characters to "typical standards".

I've already seen someone ask to make Astarion "younger", my God.

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