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Halsin has a rather unique look, not necessarily bad but.. also not elven going by Forgotten Realms lore and how elves are described. He can pass as half-elf, sure. But full elf is a stretch.

Elves can still be muscular and well toned wile fitting the lore FR has. And, regardless of it being a preferred look or not, this IS the setting we are working in. It is like wanting to have 8ft tall dwarves that speak in Japanese accents, just because it is "different" and unique.

I have yet to see any elf "scientists" as well, elves do not look like that at all. Except maybe in the Dragon Age setting, elves still have some muscle to them, though it is more the dexterous kind rather than the bulky muscles. It is like a professional swimmer or dancer compared to a weightlifter. Halsin just goes full weightlifter mode.

I agree with you in everything. That said, I don't really care all that much about Halsin's bodytype. It's a stretch, a long stretch, but as a wood elf (who knows, maybe even wild elf) druid I can tolerate the bulk. What I don't like is the lack of facial elven features, that is what bugs me the most with all elves so far.

Besides the obvious fact that they are also portrayed as pointy eared humans in every other regard.