In my opinion, just leave it as is relatively. Without a day and night cycle I doubt i'd be more immersed. In addition I doubt bg3 is a relaxing happy adventure. Storywise their is suppose to be pressure from the tadpole. I think those mini games may detract from the more serious tone of the narrative. Roleplaywise I wouldn't trust the cooking, for example. I think the pace storywise should remain relatively fast. Most of the things you want sound like fluff that will slow things down.

Personally I like fluff. I would have like the "adventuring" party. I just don't think bg3 is like that. At least in Act 1, I think the tone is very cut throat. I don't think you really get companions becoming more like friends till probably act 2. Like some things have to hit the fan first.

Mechanically I think wild sorcerers have a way to get a slot back actively in an extremely limited capacity in a specific way. I think if you play a class a certain way, then under a very strict circumstance you get a small resource back. The problem is it would restrict play style. Wild sorcerers combat this by being luck based. Then again more rng is always bad. If feels like trying to "fix" 5e rather than build on it is basically "pick your poison".

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