I would certainly play a mode with more survival type stuff in it. This should only be an option though since I doubt most people would like it.

The main thing I want to see is a day/night cycle and the ability to camp in different locations. Maybe something like the DA:I system. I just think it is really immersion breaking as it is right now with being forced to do things only in the day and to go from especially the Underdark back to the only campsite. Would be easier as well with a visual indicator (night/day) to know when to rest (long rest should be only once a day.)

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In my opinion, just leave it as is relatively. Without a day and night cycle I doubt i'd be more immersed. In addition I doubt bg3 is a relaxing happy adventure. Storywise their is suppose to be pressure from the tadpole. I think those mini games may detract from the more serious tone of the narrative. Roleplaywise I wouldn't trust the cooking, for example. I think the pace storywise should remain relatively fast. Most of the things you want sound like fluff that will slow things down.
If done right, these elements add a lot and wouldn't slow anything down, only add more realism. Having a lit fire giving away your location and trying to cook and eat is a rather tense experience if you expect to be killed at any moment. smile I think something like this should be added as optional DLC, would much prefer them to work on other things first. I agree with you about the cooking, pretty sure everyone would be making their own food and glaring at each other around the fire. :P