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Aishaddai wants the main quest to be timed. Help me!

I think Aishaddai agreed with me previously about hating timed quests? confused

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You don't need to be friends to have a good time.

Punching Solas? disagree

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I've mentioned elsewhere, I think we should abandon the idea that party members in BG3 ever "die" in combat. As it is, resurrection scrolls are just handed out like candy and the idea that party members literally die every other battle is just immersion-breaking. It'd be better to just give them some kind of "unconscious" condition, stop handing out quite so many scrolls, and encourage the unfortunate party member to recover at camp.
Agree with this. It creates story problems when other npcs die if you are so easily able to bring people back. For example, if the child gets killed, why not bring her back?

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