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Started playing PnP D&D in the late 70s, but prior to that I played Chainmail fantasy supplement - so kinda sorta D&D before D&D. As for CRPGs, man it gets hazy, but I think I was late to the DND CRPG scene (late 90s, maybe). DDO on and off since late Beta (actually, I didn't care for it then, like it passably well now.)
I quite like turn based play, my favourite implementation of that was ToEE, buggy and sometime annoying as hell, but seemed to work well. If I could have a wish implementation, it would be like BG2, especially with the selectable autopauses, but I'm liking BG3 pretty well as itself, and I'm not too hung up with things being like they were in prior games

Combat in ToEE was actually well-done, I could almost bear 3.0/3.5. Problem with it was being rushed out the door.

The later unofficial version of it was much improved.