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My daughter (13 years old the 7th of February) has some dream about Laezel's fate...
(she is an unconditional fan of BG3 - not disappointed like me so far)

She is fascinated by Laezel, and she suspects her to be a hidden gith princess, who will become a knight, and eventually ride a red dragon.
She also hopes that Laezel will enlighten her own kind and lead to a revolution by exposing Vlaakith's true evil nature (the lich-queen is killing Githyanki that had risen above character level 16, among other villainies).

Voilà, it had to be said.

Did you foresee anything in the future for Laezel ?

Not gonna lie, I have the same thoughts as your 13 year old! And just as obsessed with Lae! Lol! I'm getting major 'Wrex' (from Mass Effect - he was one of my favorite characters, and to a lesser extent proto-Wrex in Canderous in KOTOR) vibes from Lae'zel. In the sense that I don't think she'll just become a knight, I think that with the artifact, and eventually learning something about the origins of the current Vlaakith and what will happen if/when Lae'zel reaches a certain level of honor, I'm thinking Lae'zel will do exactly as you said: lead a revolution and expose Vlaakith. The seed is already there for it with the Gith Patrol.

A lot of people speculate that Lae'zel is royal, especially with how the Kith'rak reacts to her name and what Lae'zel says about her own nose, but I think that it's more hints that she has the potential to be royal. In my current run, I have her at Very High affinity while also avoiding the few dialogue options to encourage her devotion to her queen. I'm wondering if these will become later dialogue flags on whether Lae stays devoted to Vlaakith instead of just devoted to the Gith.