What bias ? i never played any TT, only video games.
But I know the rules and I think the video game would be better if the rules were better implemented, especially for resting (and the link with action economy).

It's hard to understand your point. Looks like you're missintepreting things a lot.

- What micromanagement are u talking about ? At the moment every character level up at the same time... what's the difference ?
- Viking conquest absolutely looks like micromanagement... That's absolutely not what I talked about.
- "Other activity" for long rest mean what you want it to mean... And what you have in kingmaker is "other activity" : cooking, watching, hunting, camouflage.

Short rest shouldn't just be a "healing button".
I never said we had to find 5 "specific spot" on the whole map.

What's "complicated" if you have to deal with :
- your hit dice and a very limited number of features during short rest.
- level up + a very limited number of feature during long rest.

It's just more immersive, rests become usefull and it become a part of the player's meaningfull choices (strategy, action economy,... what it is in the TT)

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