Yeah I never said anything about timed quests. You can have day and night without timed quests. You always jump to conclusions and assume things -_-. Do you want me list examples too? I say what I mean and nothing more.

Oh no Zarna caught the scent of "muh realism". May god have mercy on us. Lol I'm kidding.

No way I'd trust any of them till after the actual party is set later in the game past act 1. Mizora has Wyll's balls, Astarion exists, Shadowheart literally worships darkness/lies/secrets/thievery/blood sacrifices(Shar loves those in particular), Laezel takes pleasure in cruelty literally, Gale was rejected by Mystra for a reason he ain't telling and he has a Shadow bomb in his chest(Suspect as fuck).

As a Paladin Oath of Vengeance, the lesser rightous Paladins mind you, I'd kill them all.

Some datamine content suggests they are actually worse than that. So no I don't trust a damn thing lmao.

Edit: I think Maximus idea could work. It's like a refined version of kingmaker which was just ok.

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