DnD game not must be like HEY i will atack whenever i want you must pay atantion and what you doing OFCOURSE somebody like it to use thier brains so
its just thier problems and about some minds can astareon be real thief but not in status bar? When i use shadowheart she can see better and see traps but Astareon not HE VAMPIRE he must see better than DROW because he night predator $clap in face$.
And one more thing NPC's( Not Importent Characters) must be more smarter why in combat ally NPC's during quests going by themselfs and dying from acid or fire? Really like in SKyrim before mods creators fixed it.
Oh and sometimes not every time but in combat i atacking first the enemy and DAMAGE not goes its just not write even MISS after second atack i losing initiation and enemy going first.
And i can wait for fixes forever but i really need next chapters to play in this game, i even stopped playing in Genshin because they not making new locations but new characters, yes its worked in start but now not interested evem lounch that game.