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Ah, fan fiction strikes again! smile

No, Lae'zel is perfect as the fantasy Nazi she is, just like vast majority of all Githyanki. Not everyone has to have a redemption arc, you know... There should be more good/neutral companions in the future.

There is more than enough of super special snowflakes in BG3 as it is.

Maybe if you actually play her as your MC, still not sure how exactly is Larian going to handle that - will it be possible to play good-aligned Astarion that way? I hope not, but...
Hey, if we can possibly make Astarion a master vampire, we can make Lae'zel a warlord and cause further issues for the realms. What I'm proposing doesn't have to be a redemption arc with a change in morality. I'm more invested in seeing her simply rise to some sort of prominence, as "is her due".

Although I suppose having my cake and eat it too would be having her rise to prominence and not be inevitably absorbed by the Lich Queen. What's undeniable is that Lae'zel's devotion and desire to be an honored soldier of Vlaakith is her storyline, and she already is coming at odds with it in the EA part of the game. You might simply have a choice to encourage her devotion or encourage her separation, although if you encourage her devotion it will probably set up to her betraying you and having to kill her. But I also don't want her neutered in the route if you dissuade her. I don't want her to become some monastic gish, which is possible, but it's the complete opposite of her character. Having Lae'zel become some leader of some sort against the mindflayers in a temporary "the enemy of my enemy is my friend" sort of situation might allow things to be kept within lore and keep her alive. I like the writing so far and speculating, but believe me, I'm prepared to be either pleased or disappointed.

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Can Larian really put a "destroy Vlaakith" plot in BG3? Remember, they do not have editorial control over the entire Forgotten Realms!

I think this is similar to Kaelyn the Dove's crusade against the Wall in Mask of the Betrayer... she couldn't actually destroy it no matter how much she (and I!) wanted to because that major a change to Forgotten Realms was not part of the purview of the title.

I have to imagine a plot to overthrow Vlaakith would deserve an entire game/book, and could not be a side plot.

Yeah, who knows how far they can take it - especially with whatever they decide for the game's level cap to be. I also think it might hinge on what exactly the Artifact is and whether it is related to FR lore.

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My daughter (13 years old the 7th of February) has some dream about Laezel's fate...
(she is an unconditional fan of BG3 - not disappointed like me so far)

She is fascinated by Laezel, and she suspects her to be a hidden gith princess, who will become a knight, and eventually ride a red dragon.
She also hopes that Laezel will enlighten her own kind and lead to a revolution by exposing Vlaakith's true evil nature (the lich-queen is killing Githyanki that had risen above character level 16, among other villainies).

Voilà, it had to be said.

Did you foresee anything in the future for Laezel ?

But the game is 18+, then you don't need to make topics about what you don't want to see sex and violence in the game. You were warned.

On the subject: I think Laezel will get his own dragon friend and be happy

I'll never forget that one time some guy posted in the forums about their kid getting sexually harassed by Lae'zel into her romance scene. Parents have been duly warned.

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