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Vhaeraun could work. IDK about Eilistraee though unless they drastically change the criteria for 'recruiting' Minthara. Evil playthrough is the only way to get her so far and has the PC doing some rather heinous stuff, and of course if the player sides with the Druids and/or refugees, she *dies*

Honestly, if the player sides with the goblins as of right now, they'd first have to find a way to squeeze in a redemption arc for the Player character before Minthara, because preaching to Minthara about Eilistraee would ring mighty hollow when standing over the bodies of the Tieflings you slaughtered for her.

Yes it's true. I see an opportunity to make Minthara a cleric of Eilistraee when we saved her life by killing the goblin leaders and taking her prisoner; after, she will communicate with us, and sooner or later we will decide to free her and give her a second chance, after which the arc of redemption will begin

I just don’t see a redemption arc after massacring the Druid grove. If there’s a way to avoid it while still being evil, I see a possibility.

Once you wipe out an entire grove of innocent people, you are at the point of no return. At best, her redemption at that point is sacrificing herself to save future lives. There is no happy ending after the massacre.