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Yes it's true. I see an opportunity to make Minthara a cleric of Eilistraee when we saved her life by killing the goblin leaders and taking her prisoner; after, she will communicate with us, and sooner or later we will decide to free her and give her a second chance, after which the arc of redemption will begin. She will not change too much, but it will be an interesting option to go through a good walkthrough with Minthara, a more difficult way to gain her trust, respect, and possibly love.

Now I don't want to play the path of good at all, because there you need to kill Minthara

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I just don’t see a redemption arc after massacring the Druid grove. If there’s a way to avoid it while still being evil, I see a possibility.

Once you wipe out an entire grove of innocent people, you are at the point of no return. At best, her redemption at that point is sacrificing herself to save future lives. There is no happy ending after the massacre.
It's a bit awkward for both evil and good players as I see it-particularly if they are drow. Playing through and getting to see that stuff from her romance about her trauma over what she did and went through in Menzoberranzean and her yearning for a genuine relationship where she doesn't have to worry about having to murder or be murdered by her partner, you might think she's was custom written as a romance option with Clerics of Eilistraee in mind, but the stuff you have to do to get to that point is pretty much the opposite of what her clergy would preach.

On the other hand, play through as a Cleric of Lolth and/or Lolthsworn Drow, and while the evil stuff you do for that branch might seem par for the course, you find yourself wondering why you are working for someone who's explicitly an apostate. And if you go through to the end, the 'traditional' drow relationship dynamic that Minthara 'flirts' with you with evaporates pretty much instantly.

Despite being the 'drow' romance option, it feels rather awkward to follow it with either 'Seldarine/Eilistraeen' or 'Lolthsworn' at present.