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And for EA and trying to find good default settings, lots of configuration options will be twice as helpful. For EA testing, I don't even need fancy menus, a config file will do just fine.

I would imagine that their better option would be to keep the difficulty as is for now. Let them see how it works out for now and maybe come patch 5 or 6 then they offer a menu. I think giving themselves time to really get a consistent idea of how people are managing on this particular difficulty would make it easier for them to know what to adjust rather than having everyone be able to shift things as they like.
I didn't really mean difficulty settings, more like various options relating to combat mechanics (e.g. "toggle backstab advantage", "toggle low/high ground (dis)advantage") - though those might have difficulty implications (but would apply to allies and enemies the same). The combat/rest system/mechanics is currently broken and abusable, with difficulty varying from super easy to difficult depending on your willingness to abuse resting, the AI and the combat system in general. There is no point in spending too much effort on balancing the difficulty before at least these things are more or less set in stone (I really hope that the current state is not it). So yeah, I think it would be VERY helpful if we had configuration options and used them in a collective effort to find rules/mechanics that would make both combat and general gameplay enjoyable, challenging and reasonably balanced in the long term.