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Vhaeraun could work. IDK about Eilistraee though unless they drastically change the criteria for 'recruiting' Minthara. Evil playthrough is the only way to get her so far and has the PC doing some rather heinous stuff, and of course if the player sides with the Druids and/or refugees, she *dies*

Honestly, if the player sides with the goblins as of right now, they'd first have to find a way to squeeze in a redemption arc for the Player character before Minthara, because preaching to Minthara about Eilistraee would ring mighty hollow when standing over the bodies of the Tieflings you slaughtered for her.

Yes it's true. I see an opportunity to make Minthara a cleric of Eilistraee when we saved her life by killing the goblin leaders and taking her prisoner; after, she will communicate with us, and sooner or later we will decide to free her and give her a second chance, after which the arc of redemption will begin. She will not change too much, but it will be an interesting option to go through a good walkthrough with Minthara, a more difficult way to gain her trust, respect, and possibly love.

Now I don't want to play the path of good at all, because there you need to kill Minthara

Another possibility of her joining the party of PC for good/neutral aligned players could be just after the siege of the Grove.
Slightly off topic; but also we shouldn't be forced to kill Halsin in evil playthrough either. Both him and Minthara are at this moment the most 2 interesting NPCs, with a great potential for future questline.
I see them both kinda like Iorweth and Roche from the Witcher 2 and it's complete waste to kill such interesting characters so early.

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Problem: Outcomes of the battle being different, instead of just killing all the enemies.
a) Minthara is knocked out, battle ends. Zevlor talks to us, what to do with new prisoner.
The options should include:
- Giving her to druids/tieflings
- Finishing her off
- Taking her as a prisoner
b) Minthara is dead, battle is over. Current version of cutscene is started.
c) Minthara is unable to fight, due to being too wounded and exhausted, but still conscious + fight is over. First, we can approach her, to ask a few questions and possibly foreshadow our intentions, then cutscene with Zevlor discussing with us about what to do with drow starts. Or we just finish her off.
d) Attackers flee, the Drow warlord is at full health. Tries to escape, ends up being captured. Altered cutscene with Zevlor plays.
e) The Cleric of Absolute is surrounded by the enemies and the rest of her soldiers flee. She tries to make the last stand. Player should be given the possiblity to persuade her to surrender, promising no harm etc. Otherwise she fights until the moment of not being able to fight anymore (1 hp). PC gets to decide to do with warlord afterwards.

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