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Disagree ... its a best choice they could made.
Dont say > show.

Golden rule of writing ... and its aplicable in here.
Why is there that urge, to see developers write "we hear you" when they create patches, based on our feedback and we can actualy SEE they hear us? O_o

At the moment they had only fixed 1 major thing asked by the community.
That's cool, but that doesn't mean anything nor give clues to what direction they take for the game.

A weekly summary of what they're working on or an "interview" of their employees (I'm one of the map designer and I'm working on act 2, what I like in my job is blablabla, I really enjoyed working on that concept art of a dungeon blablabla) could help us to stay hyped and could create a link between devs and community.
There are many things they could do to communicate without revealing things that shouldn't be.

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