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Disagree ... its a best choice they could made.
Dont say > show.

Golden rule of writing ... and its aplicable in here.
Why is there that urge, to see developers write "we hear you" when they create patches, based on our feedback and we can actualy SEE they hear us? O_o

Well, it is actually an interesting and seducing principle ("show, don't tell"), and I might even agree with you...
The problem is, when you say... "we can actually SEE they hear us"
Well maybe for some minor topics, it is true...
BUT for most major topics, such as D&D 5 rules, and many other subjects detailed on the forum, well, there is nothing to be SEEN and they are just offering silence, after 4 months... so not really an "urge"
So, in this case, the principle is rather :
On most major topics, show nothing, tell nothing during 4 months... (might also be "we do not care about that")
So, please understand it is a legitimate frustration, not an urge

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