Hi guys,

I read many posts saying that devs should care about save scumming and avoid it at all costs.
I really don't understand and reading articles about it doesn't really help.

According to me save scumming is just a way of "cheating" to write the story we want.

I'm not the biggest save scummer (?) but sometimes I'm doing it. In exemple when playing games like XCOM or The Darkest Dungeon because I don't want my high level character dead.
I also do it sometimes in RPGs when the event takes a path I don't like.
In BG1/2 I also do it sometimes if one character is perma dead, or if 5 characters out of 6 die in battle.
I just reload and do it again.
In Total War I'm ALWAYS saving before any battle and I reload the auto save before each turns A LOT.

I guess that's what's call save scumming.

I could also do it in BG3 in exemple if I miss a roll that leads to a combat when I was planning a pacific solution.

Anyway I understand that sometimes I'm not really playing the game like devs expect me to play it. I don't always accept the consequences they planned for specific situations, so I'm "cheating".

And what ? Why is that a problem ?

Sometimes I just force me not to save scum to have a different expérience and that's fine too. It's just another way of playing.

Without save scumming I'm playing the game like the devs expect me to play with all its (sometimes, especially in BG3, unexpected) consequences.

With save scumming, I'm driven by the devs but I'm writing the story I want to write.

What should be wrong with this ?
Why couldn't I choose ?

I read some people saying "don't use backstab if you don't like it", but the game is extremely hard/impossible if you don't backstab. This "don't do it if you don't like it" have real and huge consequences on the experience.

But I don't understand why the "don't do it if you don't like it" should have negative consequences on everyone's experience. It looks to me like a complete matter of choice... The choice to assume consequences or the choice to write the "exact" story you want to write.

Why should devs limit our experience to their expected path ? Because a few of us can't avoid save scumming if it's possible ?

So here's the question...
Can you explain me why devs should care about save scumming ?

PS : as usual, I'll probably edit my message a lot. EN is not my native language so I'm usually reading again and again what I wrote to correct a few things. But you get the idea.

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