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At the moment they had only fixed 1 major thing asked by the community.
That's cool, but that doesn't mean anything nor give clues to what direction they take for the game.
What "one thing" you mean?
Improved character follower movement.
Added an option to hide your helmet in the equipment screen.
Added trajectory preview for force application when using spells.
All characters now correctly stop running when forced turn-based mode is activated.
Companions will now jump to follow the main player character.
Fixed and re-enabled Larian Cross Save between all platforms.
Assorted tweaks to companion approval ratings.
The Combat AI now accounts for falling from jumps.
Changed AI behaviour archetypes for the Boar, Intellect Devourer, and Tiny Spider.
Combat music no longer ends when a character joins combat.
Audio configuration now updates on selection of an option.
In multiplayer, other clients can now hear the dice roll events of a player in dialog.
Decluttered the hotbar UI by allowing selection of upcasted versions of spells with a separate widget.
Improved look of toggle-able Passives that can be added to the hotbar.
Improved some skill tooltips in Character Creation.
Added a tutorial for Inspiration points.
Cinematics: Adjusted emotions and lookats in certain areas.
Cinematics: Camera tweaks and lighting improvements in certain areas.
Cinematics: A large pass of improvements on emotions and attitudes.
Cinematics: Improved fade timings.
Cinematics: Improved blending between poses.
Any dialog associated with a mask will play before equipping it instead of after.
Jumping down a hole now teleports any following characters as well.
Overhauled the sheath/unsheath weapon logic for more consistent behaviour.
Experience is now awarded for avoiding combat and completing smaller side quests.
Added a new sound for rolling initiative in combat.

I wonder if you see what i mean ...
This is reason why i totally get why developers dont talk to us directly ... here are patch notes, and what we said?
"Thanks for almost 30 chages mostly based on our feedback." or "They only changed one major thing." as it seems, since the others was not on "my personal list of demanded MAJOR changes". -_- You are being selfish people. :-/

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BUT for most major topics, such as D&D 5 rules, and many other subjects detailed on the forum, well, there is nothing to be SEEN and they are just offering silence, after 4 months... so not really an "urge"
You managed to list one ... if tehre is so many i would expect to see more. laugh
And to be even funnier you choosed that one, that certainly takes a little more time to be implemented. laugh

DATE: 02.12.2020
How did you manage to squeeze "4 months of silence" into litteraly 62 days? O_o

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So, please understand it is a legitimate frustration, not an urge
I dont ... they are working, they are showing us that they are working, and they are showing us that they are working on issues that we pointed out ...
And all you people are showing is complete ignoration of everything that isnt that single issue YOU have pointed out.
That is not legitimate frustration ... that is just being selfish. :-/

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I liked original spellcasting system more ... frown

Anyway ... i cast Eldritch Blast!