Again, a personal attack : "selfish"
"They are working" : yes, we know. Thanks to our money. It is not the question.
You are listing almost only minor (or tiny) changes, not a "major" change.
Let's take an example : "Improved character follower movement" : how ? well, we don't SEE it.
"Major" : you can better understand the meaning with the size of the threads and the number of people asking for those changes : I have nothing to demonstrate to you : Larian knows.
Are you working for Larian ?
No ? : well, too bad, what is your constructive feedback ?
The request adressed to Larian is : some hours of empathy to make us feel there is a living community here, not that we are just buyers of the game.
If we are just buyers, then do not be surprised to be gradually considered just as workers, which would be sad.
Exchanging more regularly is also the possibility to build a better reputation among gamers.