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Is it even "Save Scumming" if the game has Quicksave/Quickload as a feature? Or even a manual save option rather than using set checkpoints like some games do. It is technically a game feature and part of the mechanics.

Yes, it's still save a cunning, and I'm in apologetic savescummer. If you weren't supposed to fail things every now and then then the developers wouldn't make failure an option in the first place.

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Let us free to savescum and give us an ironman for those against it.

This is what they should do. I understand the want to not be able to be tempted to davescum for those who doesn't like it. The mere availability of frequently loading saves affects how pressured you feel about doing it or how satisfactory you feel about not doing it. Out of sight, out of mind. An optional ironman-ish setting solves the issue to both parties favour.

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