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Hi guys,

I read some people saying "don't use backstab if you don't like it", but the game is extremely hard/impossible if you don't backstab. This "don't do it if you don't like it" have real and huge consequences on the experience.


I disagree on this point. I am a casual player that in all games chooses the "easy" difficult option, I am no strategist, I got easily annoied by difficult battles, and I never use backstab. Once I learned the mechanics of the game and found the way to overpower my toons before the boss battles, I had no difficulties in my playthrough, but even in my first playthrough I found some difficulties in advancing but in the end I was able to end the first chapter without too much effort (obviously I had my full of missteps like adventuring in the Underdark when my party was level two, or trying to fight ordes of goblins instead of eliminate them one little group at the time or frontally engaging the owlbear mother and so on.. ..) and again I didn't use backstab.