You can't completely remove save scumming, but you can minimize it. The idea is to keep the flow and pace going without stopping to reload. By reloading you are stopping the story, breaking immersion to mechanically alter something. Many people complain about immersion, so maybe the devs want you to remain in the moment instead of reloading. Like a badge of honor that the game is immersive enough that you don't want to waste time reloading.

Just a theory though.

Personally i'm grateful that they are trying to minimize reloading from "unwanted" results from a game heavily based on chance. I've seen people spend so much time reloading that its kind of sad honestly. The reasons vary though. Sometimes people pick something to hard but are too proud to tone it down. Other times its to succeed at something that made them feel bad.

If I was a dev I wouldn't want people to get hung up on anything and just enjoy themselves. Challenging should be something difficult that you can overcome with skill in real time. If you have to die to learn then, as a dev, you have to choose what to do. Appeal to masochism or casual. If its story then do you want to waste time making scenes fail if everyone will just reload anyway?

All speculation of course. I don't know definitively.

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