I think that devs should provide both playstyles. If people want to savescum, they should be able to, and if they don't, there could easily be a toggle of some kind.
I've never understood the gatekeeping surrounding savescumming. Why are people so concerned with how other choose to play a game?

Personally, I thoroughly enjoying dealing with the consequences of my actions and running into bad luck that's out of my control sometimes, as long as the systems in place are fleshed out and fair.
If someone else wants that "perfect playthrough" where everything goes their way and they're willing to reload until it works out for them, more power to them.

It's all on the player to decide to play the game how they choose to, and it's weird to try to tout yourself as a "purist" in a situation that's related to video games.

I don't want to fall to bits 'cos of excess existential thought.