Why not? If players roll to succeed every time, there's no challenge. Or that's what I would assume that is in BG3 but not predecessors. In previous games, the dice were not a factor for diplomacy checks, etc.

Now as for what I've done? I absolutely had to pass the Owlbear animal handling. I'm trained in it so the 18+ check irritated me. I also wanted to see what would happen if I passed animal handling with the chicken and dexterity check for the ring. Basically, I reload if I fail something that I see to be easy (must roll a 2 and I roll a 1 by the will of the evil gods), or if I die. Dying isn't something I can get over lol.

I also got rejected for advances from a party member and I was a little irritated lol. So I may reload if that conversation went FUBAR.