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Elf means something within the Forgotten Realms. This isnt the game for breaking out of the 'expected' look. This is a Forgotten Realms game. Elves, are "Elves". They are not huge body builders. Its simply wrong.

Like, you can want buff hulking elves. Thats not my issue. This game is not one where 'Our Elves are Different'. This game, they have height and weight that is codified. Its just not correct for the game at all.

Considering everything else that is fundamentally wrong, I shouldnt be surprised, but still, I am.

Well, you don't think they'll completely redesign Astarion and Halsin for you, do you? I hope that you have already realized this.

No, you simply call them Half Elves, as they should be. I have less issue with Astarion anyway. Halsin however? Thats a bad joke.