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Would love for the reaction system to be similar to Solasta.... along with just about everything else they did regarding rule implementations and such. <3

Here is the thing about a prompter asking if you want to take a reaction, and if so; what that reaction will be:
It *WONT* make things feel "slow" or stop the pace of the battle. Why not? Because it's on an enemy turn. It will just feel great because even though the enemy is doing things on their turn, suddenly stuff pauses and YOU get a say in the development of the enemy actions! It gives the player agency and control, and that wont feel like "the battle is slowing down" or anything like that, cause these things happen outside your turn.

I *TRULY* wish they implement something like that.

I personally feel it's important for the game to have a proper reaction system.
This would not need to be just like Solasta in anyway, but a good reflection of gameplay from DnD 5e.

At the start of character's turn set reaction resource = 1

Attacks of opportunity
>If enemy moves to provoke an attack of opportunity
>Game checks for reaction resource = 1
>If conditions are met pause, let a |Attack|Pass| slide up from the bottom HUD
>>If attack, set reaction resource = 0
>>If player selects pass, play resumes

Ready Actions
>Add a ready action command to the HUD
>Player readies an action, resource stays at 1
>if enemy meets conditions for ready action pause, let a |Readied Action|Pass| slide up from the bottom HUD
>>If player selects react, ready action is used, set reaction resource = 0, and play resumes
>>If player selects pass, play resumes

Reacting to attacks/spells (explained below why this is in italics)
>Enemy attack has a check for reaction resource = 1
>Game checks if character has spell/ability that can react
>If conditions are met pause, let a |React|Pass| slide up from the bottom HUD
>>If player selects react, they can choose from their reaction ability, set reaction resource = 0, and play resumes
>>If player selects pass, play resumes

Players would have the option to use keyboard for |option 1|option 2| with |1|2|

While this seems simple, problems can arise with magic such as counterspell. What should the reaction system do if two characters have counterspell available?

So now does every spell need a check?
>Character casts spell
>game checks opposing party for counterspell
>game checks characters for reaction resource = 1
>Player gets |Counter|Pass|?

What should the game do if the player party has four characters who can use counterspell?
>If character who can react (would need a variable name) > 1
>create micro-shared-turn
>Player/AI selects character to use counterspell or pass
...it just gets complicated.
...should counterspell only be a ready action?

I would definitely like to see proper Attacks of Opportunity and Ready Actions in the game, they are more obtainable and something we could have sooner in early access. Spell reactions are problematic, but proper Attacks of Opportunity and Ready Actions would have the building blocks to make a reaction system work.

For problematic spells like counterspell I can understand why it could need to be changed from DnD 5e to only be a ready action, etc.
(which is why spell reactions are in italics)

For spells like Hellish Rebuke, Feather Fall, Absorb Elements, and Shield I would like to work like a proper reaction.
(If a Minotaur shoves Shadowheart off a cliff I would like to react with Gale to cast Feather Fall).

These four spells would need unique coding, but we're at four. I believe new statuses could be used to make them work in combat.

Hellish Rebuke
Create hidden status "Hellish Rebuke": (Character has reaction resource =1, spell slots <0, and Hellish Rebuke readied)
> If character has status "hellish rebuke" and damaged by visible enemy within 60 feet, pause
> |Hellish Rebuke|Pass| slides up from the bottom HUD
>>If player selects Hellish Rebuke, prompt player to select spell slot, set reaction resource = 0, enemy is hit with Hellish Rebuke, and play resumes
>>If player selects pass, play resumes

I think it's important to let the player choose to take attacks of opportunity, use Hellish Rebuke, etc.

Feather Fall would be similar with a falling status, Absorb Elements, and Shield would be similar.

Especially with how many elements can go around in combat, I would like Absorb Elements to be in the game.

This seems pretty much what others are asking for, a system that checks the availability of a reaction and then allows the player to choose to act. This would also help when counterspell and the monk drop.