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I really don't care if people save scum in a single player game, it doesn't affect me. They aren't trying to force it on us as a game mechanic, it is only a matter of player preference. Only time I do it is if an outcome is bugged or makes no sense, otherwise I prefer to keep playing even if something I don't like happens. All they need to do is have an option for people to turn it off if they want.

I think in EA there is a lot more of this since people are trying to see different outcomes, once released there will be less of it. They should take this into account with balancing some things that may not need balancing.

I think the only time it can affect others is if the devs change the DC due to save scumming stats. They did that with Arabella. Her initial DC was so high that even with high CHA it was a strong likelihood she would die.

I think the current DC is more appropriate and as a result, it affects all players.

I think it’s appropriate because you only get one shot at it and it’s a major change in outcome. But in the case of Shadowheart and her secret, I think it’s fine to keep the DC high since you get more chances to reveal it. And of course the DC should drop accordingly as your approval rating goes up during your travels.