If I was Larian, I too would say little or nothing. As soon as they announce "we are working to address your issues regarding A" . folks will start screaming "address it how exactly". And as soon as they mention HOW they plan to address it, folks will scream "that's wrong, that isn't what we want, that won't work" before even trying it. And if, gods forbid, after announcing exactly HOW they intend to address it, they find the plan is unworkable or not what they were looking for, and they change the manner in which they address it, folks will scream "that's not how you said you would address it". And worse yet, if it doesn't work, and they have to delay said fix to make modifications, folk will scream "you lied and said x fix would be in the update and it isn't there!!"

Far better to just release what they have done, as they are ready to release it - not that it will stop said screaming.