For a normal playthrough, BG3 certainly enforces save scumming way more than BG1/BG2.

Sure, it was much easier to actually get "game over" due to MC dying (and in BG1 with no easy way to raise dead also other characters), so saves/reloads were frequent, but that does not count as save scumming, does it? BG1/2 did not allow saving in combat, so saving/reloading after each (un)successful dice roll in combat was not possible.

But my main gripe are those obnoxious dice rolls in dialogues, I really think that in cRPG, it is way better to implement a "minimum stat required" system - in BG3, this could be implemented by calculating the expected value of the dice roll (like they did, with rounding, for HP on level ups), so you don't really have to change anything compared to the rules, advantage and bonuses still work the same way as before, just the randomness is taken out of the equation. Dialogue checks were handled as stat (charisma...) check without randomness in BG1/2 as well, although they were infrequent. The current system basically makes non-combat skills mostly irrelevant, at least in a single player game, with the only reason to consider them being reduction of number of reloads if the player thinks they got a result they really don't want.

I suspect it is just a cheap and effortless way to gain "this is D&D" points ("show them the 20-sided dice, no one can deny that then!"), instead of properly implementing the rules in places where it would actually improve the cRPG experience.