No regular communication is just poor. On an EA of this size and importance it is really critical for engagement. The occassional tweet (many people don't follow Twitter, for any number of reasons - I don't) for the odd news *soundbite* is not the same as posting actual progress updates on their EA steam page or official forums. They should follow Solasta's example - regular official updates on what they're about, honest engagement with their communiy, who are - afte rall - doing them a favour by play-testing their game from free. Again and again. I think regular feedback isn't too much to ask. And they need to have a thick enough skin to take on criticism - really, that's a poor excuse for remaining silent (or close to). Solasta chose to rework an entire game sub-system they had home-brewed in response to hefty crticism from their EA players. Their updates are regular, amusing, and brutally honest about what they can and can't do. I think pach 4 will show if they really have been listening, so I am waiting to see how they take all the feedback on their broken sysems on board.