Yes. VERY sad about Wizardry 8: it was a great game and Sir Tech Canada was a great comany which made games like Jagged Alliance 1&2 and Wizardry 1-8. The game was published by Electronic Boutique, I think. The game had awesome reviews yet I don't remember anyone buying it. Such a shame! I hope RR will get a good publisher... AT least Codemasters or Ubi-Soft... Err... No, Ubisoft publishes only it's own games...

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Ya, Wizardry is the series that introduced me to video games and I have been loyal to Sir-Tech since (I also have Jagged Alliance)

Honestly though I couldn't choose a publisher right now the industry doesn't seem very stable, there are new ones coming in and going out on almost a daily basis and the ones that are stable only publish from developers they own or only publish a certain genre of game.

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