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Hello all, I have seen a few different threads about this, but never one that answered my specific issue. I have added some mods to my game, nothing too crazy, just wanted to test somethings with my friends.

however, upon setting up a mulitplayer server through steam, as all of us use steam out of me and my two friends, try are unable to connect whatsoever. Their picture will appear in the slots for a few seconds, then they are kicked somehow .

They have the same mods, the same files, iveven sent them my files, and we are on the same platform. Any help would be appreciated, thanks.

Have you tried with the mods removed? The first step is removing all variables to the problem and mods are a big one.

Whenever I remove them, the problem persists, until I completely delete and reinstall the game. And I understand bugs are bound to happen. It just seems strange to me, maybe I'm doing sonething wrong?

So multiplayer works when you have a clean install?